A bundle of eligible top 15 non-fungible token cryptocurrencies.

What you get

15 cryptocurrencies including Decentraland, Sandbox & ApeCoin

Your own diversified cryptocurrency portfolio

Invest whenever you want starting with just $1

Withdraw whenever you want

Long term outlook

The NFT 15 cryptocurrency bundle aims to build long term wealth.

Top NFT projects and tokens by market capitalisation in 2022

Large market coverage: With this bundle, your portfolio will cover more than 60% of the eligible NFT market.

How it works

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Set up your account

In just 3 minutes.

Set up your account


Spread your funds across 60% of the eligible NFT market including Decentraland, Sandbox and ApeCoin.


This is what your portfolio would be worth by purchasing NFT 15 every week for just $5/week.

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