The OG. A bundle of eligible top 10 of the first generation of cryptocurrencies.

What you get

10 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin & Ethereum

Your own diversified cryptocurrency portfolio

Invest whenever you want starting with just $1

Withdraw whenever you want

Proven record

The Chillur 10 bundle is based on proven market performance:

Bitcoinist’s Top 10 Cryptocurrency Performers Of 2019

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation in 2019

Large market coverage: With this bundle, your portfolio will cover nearly 70% of the eligible cryptocurrency market.

How it works

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In just 3 minutes.

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Buy this bundle to spread your funds across nearly 70% of the eligible cryptocurrency market with 91% of funds invested in Bitcoin and Ethereum.


This is what your portfolio could be worth by purchasing Chillur 10 every week for just $5/week.

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