Here is the list of the fees that you would encounter when using Chillur. These fees may change from time to time. We will notify you when they do as per our terms and conditions. These fees do not include GST.

Our Fee: $2.50 / month

This is what we charge to use Chillur. This takes care of maintaining user accounts and the cryptocurrency portfolios. We also take care of sending you reports, updating your dashboard and sending out our newsletters.

Entry Fees: $0

This is what you’re usually charged for joining something like this. We charge you nothing.

Exit Fees: $0

This is what you’re usually charged for leaving something like this. Also called a last ditch effort to make money off you. We charge you nothing. But it would hurt to see you go.

Transaction Fees: $0

This is what other exchanges and services charge you every time you buy or sell cryptocurrency, in addition to monthly fees.

So every rebalancing would have resulted in you paying money for the rebalancing.

We cover your costs of the rebalancing every week. It’s spare change after all – every cent counts.

Bank Transfer Fee: $0.55

This is what the service providers charge you for each direct debit. We collect this fee from you and pass it on to the service provider.

Bank Transfer Failure Fee: $0.75

This is what we charge you every time a bank transfer fails due to insufficient funds. It sucks but our bank charges us for the transfer service even if the transaction fails and no money was transferred. Don’t worry though – This fee will be deducted only when you close your account.

If the transaction involved was an investment, that transaction will not be made again. If the transaction involved was the monthly fee, that will be deducted from your balance.

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